O-del-emz – Matamata, New Zealand

We visit Matamata every so often because we have friends that live there, and this is not the first cafe I’ve been to in Matamata but it is the only one I love. They have the best coffee and the best breakfast! Plus they have some good grain free/paleo options. This time I had the omelette which had a ton of cheese in it (so if you don’t do cheese then just ask for extra veggies instead or something). But the cheese was really good quality and it was just an amazing omelette. They also had some salmon veggie salad in the cabinet that looked awesome! I didn’t see it until after I ordered though, but it’s nice to know that there was more than just one option! My husband always gets the lamb’s fry (which is lamb’s liver) which comes with potatoes (my omelette did too) and I’m not sure whether there was flour in the sauce, but it might not (we didn’t ask).
My only complaint is that the menu said that the omlette came with asparagus and was the reason that we went with it, and then when we ordered and said “so that comes with asparagus and ham right?” as it said in the menu, the lady laughed at us and said “um, no! Asparagus is extremely out of season.” Which was more shouted from across the room at us by the time we got to our table, like she just thought we were redicilous for such a request (but again it was on the menu). So instead the omlette came with yummy cheese, and spinach, and tomato. No ham either… I’m sure that ham was in season… Anyway, it was a disappointment but I still love them.

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