The Bank Cafe – Clyde, New Zealand



I really think you should go somewhere else.
There are a lot of good cafes and restaurants in Clyde, and this one seems tempting because it’s in a cute building right there on the street with outdoor seating… But the food is sub par.

I got a fritatta from the cabinet and asked for a side salad to go with it. It seemed like it’s not something they are used to doing (he had to go ask the cook how much it would cost and whether it was possible). I always think it’s awesome that they can so there’s a plus for them! But the actual quality of the food was really bad. I had three other paleo eaters with me and we each ordered something different and each were unhappy with the entire thing.
The side salad was more like a mish mash of things they had in the fridge. I had a leaf of lettuce with a tomato that looked like it belonged on a burger and was the best part of the meal. There was also some really wet and kinda weird carrots (like they had boiled them and threw the whole thing in the fridge to get really really wet and cold). There was also a yoghurt, apple, and celery salad which I didn’t eat.

But the main part of my salad was: brown rice… Not really a salad, and this paleo girl was not very excited to see it. That’s fine though because I didn’t exactly say “we don’t eat grains” I just said “with a side salad” so this is what their version of a side salad is… Except it’s not exactly what you think you are going to get as a side salad, and I’ve not had grains appear in a side salad before.

Even if there wasn’t any rice on my plate the food was just bad… We left still hungry and a little worried that we were going to get food poisoning because that’s how icky the food was. We thought that if they think this food is yummy enough to sell to the public then who knows what other kind of crazy ideas they might have.

I don’t normally like to be so negative about a place, but this was really bad… Go to the bistro up the next street or something else…

Follow up to this review 2 weeks later: I asked my Mom what the worst and best food she had in New Zealand was, and she said this place was by far the worst… And that’s after 3 weeks straight of eating out at every meal!

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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