The Bath House – Queenstown, New Zealand





This breakfast was so good that we planned to come back every morning while in Queenstown. It didn’t work out that way though but I love them twice as much now as I always did when I lived in Queenstown. It’s like every time I go here they impress me more and more.

I ordered my breakfast with no bread and it was no problem what so ever. Not a bat of the eye or anything (a rare treat when eating out paleo).

I got the scrambled eggs which came with the best baconn I’ve ever had… Well, that’s hard to say, but it was seriously amazing. I kept muttering “wow, this bacon is amazing.” Which is not normally how I eat my bacon. I mean just look at it. Yum. You can see on the photo of the eggs benedict (also ordered with no bread) that I was sharing my bacon because it was so good.

My husband ordered the big breakfast which came with hashbrowns. We normally don’t eat potatoes, but sometimes do when we eat out and it appears on our plate. Those hashbrowns were so good. They came with some butter to spread on them, and they were just so thick, and perfectly cooked.

And of course the building is adorable with a great view. It’s just great in so many ways.

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