Long Beach Cafe – Waikanae, New Zealand



I’ve been to this Long Beach Cafe twice now, and both times it wasn’t that amazing. Although, I will say that it was great that they had a lot of food that was paleo friendly.

I think the first time I made the mistake of ordering a small plate (thinking it wasn’t going to be that small). But really it was like a bite or two. This was also my first time having Maori potatoes, and I wasn’t very into them.

My friend is in love with this cafe, and I think I was a little reluctant to allow my true feelings come through because of this. She’s a regular and completely raves about them. But she also says they have the best pizza, and that’s just not something I can eat…

So my experiences go like this:

I ordered a small plate with salmon, Maori potatoes, and an egg. I thought it was extremely small, and kind of boring. I’m sure that the ingredients were meant to speak for themselves, but I still couldn’t help but feel like it wasn’t that great. I ordered the small plate thinking that it would be a small meal, and not like a little taster. I probably would have had something else if I had known. They tried to dress it up all fancy on the plate, but it really just felt like a random miss match of ingredients living near each other on my plate, but not really doing anything for each other.

My second time there:

This time I went with my husband telling him that our friend loves this place. I hoped it would be better this time and that my unsatisfied experience from before was only because I chose a tiny meal.

But this time it was not hard to see that they just aren’t that awesome. It took about 20 minutes to get any kind of service, and we even had to ask for them to come take our order. I tend to avoid doing this unless I absolutely have to…. Later we were told that all the people in the kitchen were hungover… There was one girl working her butt off.

This time I got the Chorizo, which came with a “golden egg,” potato, apple, sage, and roasted red onions. I thought it was ok, but like the first time it was a bunch of ingredients that felt randomly thrown together, and didn’t really feel associated with each other. I have no idea how else I would describe it, but that’s about it. I mean the food was alright, but just not great…

The “golden egg” turned out to be a poached egg which was then breaded and fried. I definitely think that there should be more detail on their menu so that there aren’t any surprises with random wheat… Maybe I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t know a golden egg is breaded though?

The onion in my meal was just like big ol’ chunks of red onion, grilled, and thrown into the pile. I kept saying “no one is ever going to think that when the menu says grilled onion that you are literally going to get a whole grilled onion.”

Aside from that, the chorizo was dry, and the potatoes were the best part of the whole thing. Very boring…

My husband was also disappointed in his meal. I don’t remember exactly what he ordered, but the mushroom was pretty dry, like they just threw it on the grill, no fat or oil or anything to keep it moist, and it just got tough and dry.

So we decided that next time we will go to the place next door instead. I mean, if you have to eat there, it’s not so bad. But I certainly wouldn’t say I really enjoyed it.

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