Olive Cafe – Wellington, New Zealand


Olive has such a cool garden out back, with a little wood stove and lots of candles… I thought “holy crap, I’m coming back.”

But the food took forever to arrive… our reservations were for 6, and we left at 10, and that was because that’s how long it took for the food to show up. I was in a large group (10 of us), but 4 hours for starters, mains and desserts is a bit long.

Also, the food wasn’t outstanding… My steak was super super salty… Since I was on Whole30, I asked for the “potatoes 3 ways” to be replaced with the brussel sprout chips from another menu item, which was delicious! But the brussel sprouts were the best part…

Also, they didn’t have the side salads, side veggie options listed anywhere on the menu… Which is a bit odd, especially if you are trying to replace potatoes with veggies but can’t see what the options are… I opted for the brussel sprouts because the seasonal veggies that the table shared had red wine in them.

The waiter was really nice and made sure to keep the sparkling water coming without drawing too much attention to me not drinking. Which I appreciated.

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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