Fleur’s Place – Moeraki, New Zealand

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Fleur can do no wrong and I am certainly not the first person to think this. I have been to her restaurant so many time now, and I am willing to drive 6 hours…. 12 hours… Whatever… Just to have a night in Moeraki and eat at her restaurant.

Moeraki is a beautiful little town with a lot of heart, and Fleur’s Place sits smack in the centre of it all. This is a place for people who like seafood, but if you don’t then there are still some options for you.

It’s easy to order paleo here because each meal consists of meat and veggies (plus maybe a side of bread, but I’m sure you can ask for them not to include this). Also, they are so friendly and accommodating, that I just feel like anyone who needs any special care with their meal will be looked after.

I usually go for the bacon wrapped fish with little cockles, but my husband usually gets the fish of the day, which comes as a whole fish and your pick of sauces. I believe lime and caper was one of them?

Just go here, ok? Rent a little house for the night and thank me later.

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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