Nin’s Bin – Kaikoura, New Zealand




As soon as I realised there were crayfish carts in Kaikoura, I knew I was in heaven. Except I was not expecting that they sold you a whole crayfish and that they would be around $35-$80 a pop… Shattered… So I got the mussels instead (boring, I always have mussels).

Later I was told that there is a different cart (opposite direction of this one) that sells you a meal rather than a full crayfish, so I’m going there next time!

Yes, the mussels were delicious, and yes it was beautiful outside and despite the disappointment was still a highlight for my South Island trip. I’d say it’s definitely a must for someone travelling through this area with paleo dietary restrictions. Much better and fresher than pub food.

Of course they serve some things with white bread (husband got white bait fritters, which are battered), but just don’t eat it.

Remember, it’s a cart and not a restaurant. You’ll either be taking your food with you to another location or you’ll eat it on their picnic table just outside. There was a dead seal on the beach just up from where we were (the beach is right there), so we tried to get out of there to avoid the smell… Nature… But otherwise, we also saw several seals playing in the waves. Was absolutely beautiful.

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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