Pine Shed Ribs – Lake Oswego, Oregon USA


It’s not very often that I get to eat real American BBQ now that I live in New Zealand, so when I find a place like this… A place that takes their BBQ and meat curing, and sausage making seriously… All done right there on the premises… I get very excited.

This was one of those meals where you go out to dinner with family, who aren’t considering your dietary restrictions at all, so you end up just hoping there will be something you can eat on the menu. I’m sure there was a lot of sugar and who knows what else in the BBQ sauce, but the meat was delicious and I like that they make it all from scratch right there (no mass produced BBQ sauce or store bought sausages).

Unfortunately, and yet, not surprisingly, they didn’t have many veggie options aside from coleslaw. You might notice a distinct lack of green things on my plate. That’s a pickle under there… I ate my potato salad and then just gave my corn bread to someone else, although I’m sure they would have left it off the plate if I asked them to.

So I think the verdict is this: it’s delicious food, and it’s possible to eat a semi-paleo meal here. It’s authentic BBQ all cured and loved right there on site. I would definitely go back!

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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