August Moon – Portland, Oregon USA


It’s tough finding a paleo meal at a Chinese restaurant, because a lot of the meats come out breaded or slathered in food filled with corn starch, sugar and beyond. Except I had been to this restaurant many years ago, and I remembered their food as fresh and full of veggies, light on the slathering and very yummy. Sadly, this didn’t seem to be the case on this occasion.

We were there on Christmas eve, so maybe it was an off night? They certainly were very busy and it took about 2 or 3 hours from the time we got there to the time we finished eating. People at other tables were telling us to leave when we got there cause they said it was taking a crazy long time. They were right.

The food itself wasn’t special and with three people in our group being paleo, we made a strong attempt to make the group order things with a lot of veggies and unbreaded meats. I gave up and just ate the food as it was, but another person in the group tried picking around the the breaded things and I think did an alright job… Not that I recommend ordering breaded foods and picking off the bread. It’s just how it was dealt with on this occasion. I personally try not to cause too much of a fuss, but still try to make smart choices. In the end, we all left bloated and feeling like our fingers were swelling up.

I’m not sure I would even rate this as good Chinese food, so I might not return. So disappointing, because I remember absolutely loving it the last time I was here a few years ago.

(sorry, I forgot to snap a pic of the food because of the 2-3 hour wait. We basically just scarfed it down the moment it arrived cause we were so hungry).

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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