Macky’s Shrimp Truck – Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii USA


Yes shrimp yes!! We ate so much garlic shrimp when we were in the North Shore. It’s a thing and everyone has their opinion on what the best shrimp truck is, and I say I don’t care just give me shrimp. But since I’ve got a photo here of the Macky’s garlic shrimp, this is the one I’ll review.

Shrimp aren’t extremely filling, and if you try to avoid your rice you might end up feeling like you need some more food. However, Macky’s food truck is super busy, and I think the only thing stopping us from going back for another plate of food was because of the wait. A wait that is worth it for the first plate.

It seems to me that it is possible they don’t put flour on the shrimp, but later I found a recipe for the “North Shore shrimp truck garlic shrimp”, which called for dredging the shrimp in flour before frying in the garlic butter. So I’m not convinced this is a great paleo option, but I would be curious to hear if anyone has tried to ask for a gluten free version. It could be possible that they are just garlic, butter and paprika… I didn’t ask because I had assumed that it was the case. Here’s hoping cause I love them.

My husband ordered the plain shrimp (as opposed to the garlic shrimp or spicy shrimp) and he felt a bit disappointed watching me eat my garlic shrimp while his shrimp was just plain old shrimp. However, his was probably a bit more paleo because it was so plain.

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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