Tita’s Grill – Hauula, Oahu, Hawaii USA


This was the best garlic shrimp I had while in Hawaii! It seems like most of the tourists get their shrimp from the food trucks, but this little takeout window was amazing.

We had actually tried to eat at one of the famous shrimp trucks nearby, called Giovanni’s, but we didn’t have any cash, and they were cash only. So on our way to get cash, we found Tita’s instead! Not disappointed to miss out on a famous location for another place that blew me away.

We also grabbed some poke from the market across the street (which you can see plopped onto my container in my photo here). We basically just gorged on seafood that night. Looking back, I should have ordered extra shrimp or like some veggies instead of the macaroni. I wasn’t really being very careful about it, but also didn’t really know it was going to come with the macaroni.

I mentioned in another review about a shrimp food truck, that after I got back home from my vacation, I learned that they might dredge the shrimp in flour before frying. It honestly didn’t seem like it when I was eating the shrimp. I had found a recipe online that made me think otherwise. So I would recommend asking before you dive in. Also, it’s maybe worth asking if you can just order a ton of shrimp and some veggies rather than getting all the white grainy side dishes. I didn’t ask, but should have…

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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