Ramen Shop – Wellington, New Zealand


I love the Ramen Shop. Their food is delicious, but of course ramen is not paleo… I tend to go there only when I’m being naughty, but even still they do a gluten free version of any of the ramen dishes (rice noodles), and I’ve been able to order the pork buns minus the bun several times.

In fact, those pork buns are my favourite thing on the menu… If they ever get rid of those I might not return!!!

The actual ramen bowl itself is a bit light on the good stuff, so even if you ordered it noodle free, you’d just end up with a bowl of broth, one piece of sliced pork belly and some bean sprouts. So you basically can’t make a really great paleo meal out of this without ordering extra pork (extra money), adding some veggies (seasonal, so last time I went they only had pickled mushrooms and no greens to add)… So, it’s delicious and doable if you are paleo, but not the easiest on your wallet to make it happen.

Overall they super pleasant, yummy and accommodating. If they would only put some veggies in every bowl, it would make a huge difference.

Also, they do take away, which is great.

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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