Celie’s – Wellington, New Zealand




This is my friend’s local cafe, where’s she’s even got her own menu item (she’s vegan so they make her a special vegan burger not normally on the menu). Which obviously shows that they are willing to work around someone’s dietary restrictions when they are asked to. They were so friendly and the vibe in the cafe just felt good. Not to mention the interior is very cute, and reminiscent of some kind of an old American diner. I believe specifically they are going for a “Florida 1950’s diner” which I think they’ve done well. They sell lots of American candy there (very nice to see reminisce about, but no eating for me), which cover one full wall in the teeny tiny cafe. Apparently there’s a story behind this restaurant, which I’m afraid to mess up, but basically went along the lines of: the owner’s grandmother, whose name was Celie, passed away and requested as part of her will, that the family open this cafe. The cafe is covered in old fashioned family photos and beautiful images of Celie back in the day.

I ordered the breakfast burger without the bun, and of course that is pretty much just like ordering bacon, eggs and hash browns. I always forget that a “breakfast burger” in New Zealand doesn’t actually come with a burger (meat patty). So this was my own mistake (a mistake I seem to make over and over again no matter how long I live here). However, it was still very good and they were certainly happy to deliver it to me minus the bread. No dramas at all, which is always appreciated. When you order hash browns in New Zealand, you pretty much always get those frozen oval shapes that you get in the freezer section of the supermarket. When reading the menu, I always picture the hand grated potatoes fried up on a grill, but they never are. So really, my meal was just two fried eggs, some bacon and one of those hash brown ovals. It wasn’t fancy or super special, but I enjoyed it and appreciated the care they put into it and the vibe of the place. They do have some pretty amazing sounding waffles and stuff on the menu. Really interesting sounding stuff, but obviously I can’t have that… Could be awesome if they would consider a gluten free waffle. Would be a nice treat.

In summary, I think that the place is wonderful and their food sounds fabulous! I appreciate that they are willing to cater to dietary restrictions, but there weren’t a lot of interesting paleo items, which isn’t a deterrent, but rather just that they are catering to more of a different market. I would definitely go here again, many times. I like to support places with heart and who actually seem like they care about what they are doing and their customers. I think Celie’s fits this category.

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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