Mojo Coffee, Wellington Zoo – Wellington, New Zealand



IMG_1260     I love this cafe because you don’t even have to go into the zoo, but you can still enjoy the zoo from the cafe! One full wall is a window into the pygmy marmoset exhibit. You can sit right in front of those cute little guys while sipping your coffee. That photo of the window with the animal descriptions is actually right next to my seat. The frittata was very spontaneous. We hadn’t planned to be there, but really just ended up hungry and in the cafe. I don’t think I would have ever thought to eat here otherwise, but the food was actually pretty good. I ordered the frittata because it seemed safe as far as a paleo option goes. I asked if the frittata was gluten free and the waitress asked the chef for me, who said yes, but that it had cream in it. Very helpful, thank you for that. Overall the frittata tasted good, but definitely needed salt (not a big deal). It was packed full of veggies, including some potato, but really felt like it was made from fresh ingredients and with care. My husband had the salmon patty, which was very bland in my opinion, but he enjoyed it. I would eat here again if I needed to, because it is a good option. I would exactly seek it out, but it was good.

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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