Little Beer Quarter – Wellington, New Zealand


Previously I have been able to order really successfully off of their menu when eating paleo, but on this occasion I was in a hurry and basically just had to pick a few things off the bar menu and run. They do have a full dinner menu too, which means I could have got pork belly with roast veggies or even a salad with baked chicken on it. I’ve had both of these things here before and their food is pretty good. However, since I was in a hurry, this wasn’t an option for me, and I’m glad I went with the bar food in the end, cause the people I was with who ordered a full meal were still waiting for their food by the time I left the bar.

I ordered salt and pepper squid rings because it said it was gluten free, which was intriguing to me, because I’ve never seen them gluten free. I think somewhere in the back of my mind I thought that gluten free meant that they would just sauté them in butter or something, minus any breading. Silly me… It definitely had breading on it, but must have been a rice based breading, which I was ok to eat on this occasion. It was extremely salty though and I left feeling a bit swollen.

I also ordered the hand cut chips because it was another gluten free option and just needed something other than squid. It was clear they hand cut the potatoes in the kitchen there because they were pretty good quality and not your average pub chip.

Overall it was a successful test to see if I could order a gluten free meal off the bar menu, but not so much a successful paleo bar menu meal. I know I’ll find myself back there again, so I’ll have a chance to test this out again.

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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