Drexel’s – Wellington, New Zealand

IMG_1622 (1)


It was terrible… Really… The hash browns had a really strange flavour and I couldn’t figure out what it was. It actually reminded me of coconut flour, but obviously that doesn’t make sense with hash browns at an “American diner.” I thought maybe it was just old… Like stale, and that’s the flavour I was tasting… It tasted so dry and crappy that I started having paranoid thoughts like “do they just scrape off the leftover hash browns from the plates of people who don’t finish it and put it on other people’s plates?” Yeah, it was that bad.

Normally I would give them kudos for doing “homemade” hash browns, which for me (in New Zealand) means hash browns made from real potato, grated and fried on the grill, as opposed to frozen oval shaped hash browns that you find everywhere else in New Zealand. But no… It was just terrible.

The first bite I took was of the sausage, which did taste like American breakfast sausage but in a Kiwi sausage wrapping. Except in that first bite I spit out a huge piece of gristle, and it all tasted a bit like plastic. I tried to give my sausage to my husband, but he was already struggling with his own meal and didn’t want it. The first image is my meal, the second is my husband’s.

The best part of the meal was the eggs, which were done very well. Except I didn’t spend $20 to order two eggs… So, needless to say I’m extremely disappointed.

I have been to the Christchurch Drexel’s, which I remember fondly. As an American living in New Zealand, it is difficult to find a good American meal, like you would find at home. However, this was not good by any standards.

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