House of Dumplings – Wellington, New Zealand


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No, dumplings are not paleo…

I must admit that sometimes when I want to cheat from my regular paleo life, I sometimes find myself eating these dumplings. I can definitely vouch for the deliciousness and quality of the ingredients. These guys make yummy food.

However, my cheating-on-paleo days are over, at least as far as having any kind of gluten is concerned. Recently I learned that any amount of gluten is a big no no for me and is now permanently off my list of cheat foods.

So today, when I found myself in their shop watching my husband enjoy the dumplings, I asked if they have a gluten free options, just for future cheat day reference (cause again, dumplings are not paleo). Unfortunately the answer was no… The person at the counter was quick to offer some vegan options as an alternative, which is quite funny to me… Wonder how a vegan person would feel being offered a gluten free meal in lieu of vegan options? These are just not interchangeable things.

However, they did say they are experimenting with gluten free recipes, so there could potentially be options in the future. Also, some of those vegan options did look like they might be paleo friendly, but the only one I could see on display was a cabbage slaw. The salad that came with my husband’s dumplings did look like it might be gluten free and paleo friendly, but it wasn’t in the case with the other salads, so didn’t know it was there… Although, I’m confused, because they recommended the salads as vegan options and said there weren’t any gluten free options… So I’m assuming even the salads are not gonna work… I would ask again next time. Mind you, there is no meat available here aside from the dumplings, so even if the salads are a-ok, it’s not a great place to find a paleo meal unless you’re just after nothing but salad.

None-the-less, I am happy to hear that they are working on the gluten free thing. Their food is amazing and I hope that one day they will expand to offer something a bit more fulfilling for paleo eaters. I would completely order just a salad and the meaty innards of the dumplings if they offered that… Just a dream for now…. You hear me Dumpling House?? You’ve got the vegans covered, now how about a paleo bowl?

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