La Boca Loca – Wellington, New Zealand


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I’ve been paleo for years now, but have only just discovered recently that I cannot have gluten ever again (no mistakes). Which puts a new spin on my dining out situations. I used to be ok to just try and order something paleo, and then if it came out breaded, just pick off the bread and learn from the experience. Now I’ve got to be extra diligent and it’s a whole new set of challenges for me.

So the reason that I picked this restaurant was because they have a lot of gluten free options that are clearly indicated on their menu, and this was my first meal out as a person who cannot have any gluten mistakes… It is more daunting than I would have expected after all these years of ordering paleo at restaurants, so I was really appreciative of their options. I feel like they had more things that I could eat than most restaurants do. Plus, they are probably the best Mexican restaurant in Wellington. It is pretty hard to get good Mexican food in New Zealand.

I ordered the carne asada tacos with a side of seasonal veggies (which were brussels sprouts, both were noted as gluten free). The steak in the taco was so tender and delicious, and came with some nice greens in it. I didn’t ask for the taco minus the corn tortilla, but I think they would have happily done that for me, but was easy enough to just eat around the tortilla, which I was fine with. There was so much meat in the taco that I ended up giving half of my meal to my husband, and probably didn’t even need the side of veggies.

Since this was my first meal out eating gluten free, I made sure to double check everything with the waitress (even though it was all clearly indicated), and she was not bothered by this at all and even went to the chef to double check a few things, which obviously is very much appreciated.

There were two other gluten free taco options, a ton of meaty appetisers that would have worked for me, plus a great salad that you could add either fish or chicken to. I just love that I can go back multiple times and have something different each time, so good job to La Boca Loca for being so awesome. Not to mention the food is amazing and fresh and has a real “from the garden” and homemade kind of a vibe to it.

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