Satay Kajang – Wellington New Zealand

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UPDATE: I spent the week trying to figure out why I was getting inflammation issues, and then I realized that the dish I ordered here had soy sauce in it… I’m well aware that soy sauce has gluten in it, but am new to the 100% gluten free compliance thing, and totally didn’t think about it. However, the big problem for me with this is that I actually specifically ordered a gluten free meal. I’m thinking they didn’t considered the sauce. Incredibly frustrating and disappointing. I would change their star rating to one star if I could.

Now back to the original review:

This is one of those places that people go to for a cheap takeaway meal before heading out for drinks. I went here with a large group of friends, so even though it’s not the kind of place I would really think to find a paleo friendly meal, I do think you find yourself in this kind of a position every now and then, and that you can still work with what you’ve got.

Unfortunately, I did a terrible job of picking my food. I should have known better but to be perfectly honest, I was so incredibly hungry by the time I got there that I just wasn’t thinking straight. I ended up ordering one of the three gluten free options on the menu, but out of those three, it was a pretty silly choice… Also, worth noting that they don’t have any of the gluten free options labeled on the menu. You have to ask.

So, I ordered the fried rice because the other two options were curries, and I had imagined that the fried rice would have more veggies. Which I was right about, because one of the other people in the group ordered the gluten free chicken curry and it had no veggies at all. However, the amount of veggies in my fried rice was not worth the giant pile of rice, the globs of canola oil and the soy sauce that I have to eat to get to the veggies. It was just the typical frozen carrot and pea mix that you tend to see with fried rice. I should have expected that, but somewhere in my mind I thought there would be more. There was also some grated carrot on top of the dish, but it was pretty plastic tasting. I don’t really count it.

Also, the meat was pretty minimal in the dish. In the whole pile of rice I only found two pieces of shrimp, one piece squid and then a tiny little cluster of chicken meat. It almost felt like the meat had accidentally jumped into the dish from another meal being cooked nearby, because it was so comical how little there was. It’s hard to imagine them plucking up two pieces of shrimp and thinking that was sufficient. I could have piled all the meat in the dish in one hand, made a fist and closed my hand and there would have been room for more meat in my hand… If you get what I mean. And I have little hands.

I understand the gluten free chicken curry that the other girl ordered (pictured here, with a dark sauce) was really really spicy. Another girl had ordered a vegetarian curry, and that looked pretty good and had lots of veggies (pictured next to the wine bottle). If I had known what I know now, I would have asked if that veggie curry was gluten free and then just got some shrimp thrown in it. That would have been perfect. I think this is how I’ll approach meals at restaurants like this from now on.

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