NAM D – Wellington, New Zealand

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This was my first time getting takeaway at this location, and it was recommended to me by a coworker. I currently have so many dietary restrictions, it is freaking crazy (autoimmune protocol), so when I realised I had not brought lunch with me to work, I was a bit freaked out. Ordering food is just not easy at the moment (as if it wasn’t hard enough just being paleo).

I decided I was fine to have rice noodles, so long as I could get the rest of the meal in the autoimmune paleo realm. So I ordered pho, which I ordered without checking the menu, because I thought I was just ordering regular beef pho, as I would at NAM normally. Turns out, the pho I had ordered was actually spicy pork, which obviously has nightshades in it, which I shouldn’t be having because of the autoimmune protocol… Ugh… Oh well… At least I managed to get gluten free, which is what I told myself, even though deep down inside I was bummed out about the mistake.

When I ordered the pho I made a big deal about making sure it was gluten free, but didn’t say anything about the nightshade free, because at some point, I feel like I’ve just got to draw the line. Not having gluten is the big one for me, but handing them a long list of items I must avoid… I’m still adjusting to this concept… I know people do it. I’ll get there.

Initially when I started checking out my meal, I saw that they gave me “fat noodles” which looked a bit like udon. I freaked out a bit, and took the 10 minutes to walk back to the takeout place and return the meal… I was convinced it was glutenous… When I showed up, the woman recognised me and remembered that I had made a big deal about the ingredients. She immediately checked with me to make sure that everything was ok, and when I mentioned the noodles, she quickly assured me that they are actually rice noodles, but that they look different than most rice noodles. I said something along the lines of “are you sure, it’s really quite serious” and she nodded, and I had to trust her and walk off. Turns out it was all ok. I haven’t had any gluten reactions at all… Plus, it was actually nice to have some different rice noodles (I am ok with rice noodles every now and then).

So, I think that overall it was a good experience. It’s my fault for not checking more carefully about the nightshade thing and I appreciated the care she took to make sure I at least got gluten free. Plus, she took the time to explain all the gluten free options to me. I think I’ll get one of the salad options next time. The pho didn’t have much too it aside from a few strips of meat and the rice noodles, so I think the salad would actually be more filling.

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