The Southern Cross – Wellington, New Zealand


I’ve eaten at The Southern Cross so many times now. I’m usually able to find something that I consider paleo appropriate. This time I happen to be on the fodmaps/Autoimmune protocol, which was so much more of a challenge, and would have been a struggle, no matter where I was eating. I’m appreciative of The Southern Cross for having enough options that I could really work with it.

So, I ordered the one thing I thought I could eat… Meat… I basically said to the guy taking my order “can I have anything completely gluten and dairy free? Like a steak or the prawns?” He said “probably just the steak.” So I went with that. I actually really appreciated all the care he put into it and I could tell he was actually listening and noting it down (not a normal thing at most restaurants, I’ve noticed). I felt like a complete dork trying to place this order, because I knew there was more I couldn’t eat and I didn’t want to say “oh, and I can’t have black pepper, onion, tomatoes, vegetable oil, blah blah blah.” So going with gluten free and dairy free meat was enough for today.

I got the steak, which obviously was not cooked in butter, and had no black pepper or garlic on it (although I didn’t specify, was luck). I gave the salad and the chips to everyone around me, because I chose to not ask more specifically for more specific requirements to not be a pain. I was happy with my choice. I think that at a certain point that people get confused if you start listing multiple things you can’t eat and they miss something. I just tried to give him enough information, and work with what I thought would come out in my meal.

The steak was delicious, and I was happy with the encounter. I did the very best I could with my situation, and they gave me exactly what I asked for. Which is all I want.

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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