The Cheesecake Factory – Portland, Oregon USA


I was so excited to find out that The Cheesecake Factory had a lot of gluten free food, and that I could even make a paleo meal happen! Nothing like being stuck in the mall and starving only to find out you don’t get to eat! I mean, that might happen anyway if you refuse to wait in the lines at The Cheese Cake Factory, but we took our 50 minute wait and liked it.

I was dining with two other paleo people, and I was very impressed with the way the wait staff managed it all. I always feel like some places get annoyed when people start making special requests like “I want a burger with no bread, but you need to also check that the burger doesn’t have breadcrumbs added, and I need a salad instead of fries…” but they were very friendly and thoughtful of our needs. I get an extra layer of attention with my food to make sure that there’s absolutely no gluten in any of the products, which is a conversation I never get used to having at a restaurant. However, they were super amazing at checking that the beef didn’t have breading, checking that the ranch dressing was gluten free (something that most people roll their eyes at… And yes, I realise it’s not paleo, I was having a naughty moment).

I give them an absolute thumbs up for all the love and support with three difficult orders. Even though they’re a bit of chain, and I’m not really into that kind of a thing, I would definitely go there again above most other places in the area, simply because I know they’ll take care of me. And this is coming from a place that serves a “mac and cheese burger” for crying out loud. A+ to them for being extra careful with my health, considering what they could have done with it.

IMG_0365           IMG_0366

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