Salmon Tales Cafe – Rakaia New Zealand

IMG_2767 IMG_2769

Famous for the giant salmon statue in the middle of a rest stop; Rakaia is obviously also known for it’s salmon.

This is usually one of my favourite stops on a trip across this part of the South Island, just because I know they’ve got the salmon fix I need. Unfortunately, being gluten free now (on top of being paleo, so this means extra careful) I can’t risk any mistakes, so I just grabbed this from the case. It was like a salmon and potato frittata…

I felt satisfied that this was gluten free in the end, and it was certainly paleo (if you eat potatoes), but I was a little frustrated at how hard it initially was to find out if it was gluten free. It was one of those times where you ask and they sort of look at you a bit weird as they process what exactly gluten free means. These times always scare me the most because if the person doesn’t know what gluten free is, then you’ve got to pay extra care… Considering it’s a very touristy stop, I’m pretty surprised that it’s not something that they had come across more often.

However, eventually we got there and I felt ok about it all. The actual frittata was good not super tasty. I needed a lot of salt on it to make it interesting at all… But it was also super smelly. Like, fishy… I had to take it to go and was eating it in the car, and the people I was with were really commenting on how fishy it smelled. I don’t think that salmon is normally so fishy smelling, so I’m not sure why it was here. I didn’t feel sick or like it was off, it was just super fishy.

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