IBU Public House – Portland Oregon, USA


My friends took me here because they knew I wanted some gluten free beer during my trip back to Portland. Sadly, beer is one of the things I miss… Unfortunately, they read the menu wrong and they only really had ciders and wine, which were listed as gluten free, so they just read the words “gluten free” on the menu and thought that it was a huge list of gf beers! Oh well! It was a nice place to have dinner anyway, and I enjoyed my glass of wine.

This night was a half cheat and half good paleo night for me. I committed to the no grains but let in some dairy and some alcohol (these are the two things are my typical cheats). I was very pleased with how the waitress took care to make sure my meal came back 100% gluten free. And I was happy to hear that they made their ranch dressing in house and that it was also gluten free.

I ordered the green burger, which basically was a patty with a bunch of roasted green chillies (might have been jalapenos?) sliced up and sprinkled on top. It was delicious! Although, my friend had the elk burger and her husband also had the green burger, so she tasted both and swore by the elk burger!

I felt really safe eating here and would definitely go back. It is a brew pub, and a huge one! But we went with some little kids, and at some point in the night realised that it was entirely filled with families with little kids. Apparently the owners plan to build a play area where you can dump the kids upstairs (I guess with a secure babysitting situation) so that you can have some drinks downstairs and be kid free. Awesome! But for now it’s pretty kid heavy in the restaurant, which is great if that is what you are looking for.

It was easy to create a paleo meal here, and if you didn’t want the dairy, I’m sure you could have easily resolved that here with little fuss. They were very careful. I would go again if I didn’t live in New Zealand.

Posted by: Paleo Plate Raider


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