Nikau Cafe – Wellington New Zealand


Nikau Cafe is one of my very favourite cafes in Wellington, and I have recently become a bit of a regular here. Their coffee is so good… I think it is currently my favourite coffee in that neighbourhood.

Anyway, about the food… I’ve only really had food here a few times, but this time was the official “I’m celiac now” meal. I rang the cafe before showing up and explained that I am celiac so I needed to make sure I could eat there. They basically said that they were able to do something for me but they didn’t really know on the phone what was possible. I don’t really press it on the phone, but generally use the phone call to figure out whether or not they’re going to be able to actually help me, or I need to look elsewhere… It seemed doable here.

So when I actually showed up, I went up to the counter (away from my work colleagues) and let them know that I’m celiac and can they help. The waiter smiled very brightly and said “we’ve been expecting you!” Which was incredibly wonderful to hear… That they had prepared for my special requirements.

They sent a waitress to me to discuss with me what possibilities I had for lunch, and there were quite a few options. Their attention to my special requirements were absolutely remarkable and certainly appreciated.

I ended up ordering the steak with fennel and mushroom, which was incredible. It was such a simple meal, but the ingredients were so amazing. This is the perfect example of a paleo dish because I feel like it’s something you can make yourself and is completely healthy, made from real ingredients and not processed. This is one of the best meals I’ve been able to review on this site.

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