New Website in the Works!

Paleo Plate Raider is changing! New name, new website and new location!

Some of you know I’ve been working on this site for about 4 years now, and it’s been slow going for a few different reasons:

  1. I’ve really struggled to come up with a name I like for the site. Paleo Plate Raider is the second name this site has had (a very short lived, but published first name was AlternEats… Stop laughing, I know it’s dumb)…
  2. I need to spend some money to really get the site looking and running like it needs to in order to compete with the other already well established restaurant review websites that accept community submissions. In other words, I need to move away from the free blogging platform and into a paid website platform.

The problem I’ve had in finding the PERFECT name for the site is that any google search can tell me that “Paleo this” and “Foodie Review that” are all taken. I’ve honestly spent about 2 years actively searching every name that pops in my head with no success. I’ve had “naming sessions” with my best friends, where we just sit down and toss out every idea we can for like 2 hours and still no joy. Every idea I’ve had is either too long (Paleo Plate Raider is a tongue twister and I usually have to explain how to spell the last word) or the name I’ve come up with is already taken, or the name doesn’t actually convey what my site is about, or it’s too close to the name of another site (and might cause problems down the line).

This has actually proved to be quite a huge barrier for me to move forward with the website, because once I purchase a url and start promoting it as that, then if I decide to change it again in the future, then all the links or connections I had made will vanish. Essentially, once you pick a url you are smart to stick with it. So this name thing really was a big deal… And without a url I am stuck on the free blogging platforms where I can’t really make the site what I want it to be. It’s an endless loop of getting nowhere.

Then the other day I found one… A name that has not been taken, that is not too close to anything else and that actually explains what the site is about. It’s a freaking miracle…

And so, I present to you the new and improved paleo restaurant review website name: Dine Out Paleo.

I’ve purchased the web address, got some hosting and a great website theme for making a proper review site (actually, it’s the same one I used for AlternEats – not everything was terrible about that incarnate), and will be working on getting it up and running in the coming months.

There’s a lot to do there, but essentially it will still hold the same core values but in a better package… My husband says he prefers the name Paleo Plate Raider, and honestly, I do like this name, but it just isn’t what I’m after for this particular site. Maybe it will be my Alias on the new site? There will be a community login space so that people can more easily submit reviews, but this will take time for me to set up and get my head around. I am after all, just a girl sitting on her couch in Wellington New Zealand, just trying to get a restaurant review website out there for the paleo community. It’s been a passion project for so long, and I am so excited to finally be able to take the next step.

Stay tuned for more! And book mark the new url for future readings (no set date on the official switch over yet, so be aware that this site is under construction):

You can keep up with the progress on the Paleo Plate Raider Facebook page (which will one day, need to change to the Dine Out Paleo Facebook page, but one thing at a time).

On a side note, there was ONE potential problem with the name Dine Out Paleo, which I want to address for transparency… There used to be a restaurant review website in New Zealand called Dine Out, but I came up with the name before connecting the dots. Unfortunately, their site is no longer active and they are turning out the lights in the coming months. I wrote to the founder of the site as soon as I realised the connection/closeness in names and asked if he needed me to change it, do anything to acknowledge that we are not related, etc. He said no it was fine and that I didn’t need to do anything else. I’m just putting this here for any Kiwis who might have wondered about the connection. I’m very thankful to be able to move ahead with this name for my passion project, but sorry to see that they are not continuing with their site.


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