Paleo Plate Raider is a restaurant review website for paleo eaters around the world.

Paleo Plate Raider is a collaborative project. We depend on our far reaching community of paleo eaters (like you!) to help discover great new places to eat, places not to eat, and then share them with the world. Anyone can submit a review! The only rule is that it has to have a paleo focus!

This is what we believe

  1. That you should be able to order a paleo friendly meal anywhere.
  2. That knowledge is power and sharing your restaurant experiences helps the paleo community make informed choices.
  3. That sometimes a more paleo friendly restaurant is just around the corner, and there’s no reason to settle.

There’s plenty out there to discover, so let’s get started!

Paleo Plate Raider was founded by Nicole Andrews, a musician from Portland Oregon, now living in Wellington New Zealand. She started gathering restaurant reviews back in 2012 when she discovered that there were no restaurant review websites dedicated to the paleo community. The website has been a work in progress and one of Nicole’s passions for over four years and continues to grow with the help of you, the paleo community.

Nicole’s Favourite Paleo experience:

Honeymoon dinner purchased with the roulette winnings in Vegas at Carne Vino. We ordered an aged steak that came with this massive bone still attached. Often fine dining restaurants have more options for paleo eaters because they use high quality real food, but it wasn’t just the variety of options that made this a great experience, it was the service and the setting. We ate in the bar, and it was so much fun to watch them wheel out that giant bone to our little bar table. They literally wheeled it in on a cart. Then they sliced it up right there in front of us and then left the bone for us to pick at.

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