Please see our Rules for more information.

Q: Can I write a review for a restaurant that is not a “Paleo Restaurant”?

A: Yes. The purpose of the site is to inform others about your experiences as a paleo eater at any eating establishment. It’s about making the best choices we can in a world that is not always paleo.

Q: Does the review have to be about the Paleo Diet?

A: Yes and no. You do not have to consider yourself Paleo to post a review, but your review must take a paleo approach to eating and must benefit the paleo community. You may post about gluten-free, vegetarian, etc. as long as it is within the spectrum of Paleo. In otherwords: soy burgers or gluten free pancakes are not the right fit for this website, with one exception (see the next question).

Q: I wanted to order a Paleo meal and failed. Can I still post a review?

A: Yes, definitely. These kinds of reviews will help people understand why you didn’t succeed with your paleo plate attempts and will empower people to learn from your experiences. So, if you did end up eating a soy burger or gluten free pancakes (or real pancakes for that matter) then explain why it happened. Was it your own choice at the time, or due to the lack of options on the menu? Possibly even a mistake from the restaurant? Even if you chose a pizza, as long as you say why and explain it from a paleo approach (i.e. “I wanted the pizza, so I got it, but there were lots of paleo options and they would have been completely accommodating with dietary restrictions” etc) then it has a place on this website.

Q: I want to post a review, but don’t see my location on the Restaurant Index.

A: You are not limited to the locations currently listed in the Restaurant Index page. In fact, we want this list to grow! Simply submit a review with the required details, then when we receive your review we will add your locations to the list. Note that this is done manually, so it might not appear there right away.

Q: Some of the restaurant reviews are not interpreting paleo correctly.

A: There are so many different interpretations of “what is paleo” these days, and this is not the right website to address what is correct and what is not. We accept reviews for all interpretations of the Paleo Diet within reason. If a review is deemed to be too far astray from the heart of the Paleo Diet, then it will not be added to the site.

Q: What is the Paleo Diet anyway?

A: For a detailed explanation of the Paleo Diet from someone who knows what they’re talking about, click here.

Q: A review on your site is out of date. The owners have changed, the menu has changed, or the business has shut down, etc.

A: We do not take these down because all reviews can still provide valuable advice for others. Even if the restaurant is gone, or the menu has changed, the concept of: “I tried to eat Paleo, and this is how I did it” is still relevant. The reader accepts responsibility for their own dining experiences, and should check the current status of a restaurant before diving into anything.

Q: Can I email you a review?

A: Yes, just follow the same submission guidelines as noted here on our online form, and email your review to: PaleoPlateRaider at gmail dot com

Q. Do you make money off this site?

A: We do not accept payment for reviews on the site, so as to keep the content honest. However, we are open to sponsorships, paid advertising and other means of income that does not interfere with the mission of the website and the honesty in the content. On occasion we provide links to the site that go to our Amazon Affiliate program. When you click on these links and purchase something through Amazon we will make a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. The support is greatly appreciated as a lot of work goes into the running of the business. Eventually we hope to be able to afford a logo, branding, a custom url and other things that will make the site better for you. Above and beyond that, we hope that one day it might help us afford a cup of bullet proof coffee or something extra… To financially support the site, follow this link to our Amazon Associates page here.

Q: Can I advertise on the site?

A: We accept requests for paid advertising on the site, which we limit to products that we feel benefit the Paleo community. Please email us at PaleoPlateRaider at gmail dot com, and we will consider your product.

Q: Why did you remove my review?

A: Please see the rules for details.

Q: I’m a restaurant owner and would like a post removed.

A: If you feel that a post is slanderous or inappropriate, then you may request that it is removed by emailing PaleoPlateRaider at gmail dot com. However, we do not remove reviews simply because they were rated poorly.


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