Welcome to Paleo Plate Raider. Your participation on this site indicates that you agree to the following terms of use:

Be nice.

You agree to provide constructive content that will provide valuable insights for others in the paleo community (and the like), which is free of harassment, trolling, or other harmful interactions.

Paleo Plate Raider reserves the right to remove any post without notification, warning, or reason. By submitting content (including words, photos, locations, etc) you agree to allow Paleo Plate Raider to use your content for public use and promotion. Submissions cannot be edited once sent in, so please choose your content wisely.

Negative reviews will happen from time to time, and are acceptable when providing constructive criticism. However, reviews which could be interpreted as rude, intentionally harmful or trolling, will be removed without warning.

Be respectful.

Please also refrain from providing identifiable descriptions of staff members, providing staff member names, or providing other details which could identify staff members (such as: the barista who works on Sunday mornings, etc).

Photos are very welcome, but please be respectful of the people in the establishment (staff members and customers alike). By uploading a photo to this site which reveals a person’s face, you are stating that you have requested permission from this person to post the photo of them online, and are responsible yourself, for this action.

Weight Loss.

While the Paleo Diet can produce many benefits such as weight loss; this topic is not considered in keeping with the purpose of the website. Please refrain from talking about weight and body image.

Medical Advice.

I am not a doctor… Most likely you are not a doctor… Even if you are, lets keep the medical advice between our readers and their doctors. Do not ask for medical advice in the comments, these will be removed. There are many other websites which cater to this need, so it will not be tolerated here.


Any reviews suspected of being used for selling, marketing or promotion will not be added/will be removed, even if they are Paleo related.

However, we do have paid advertising in the sidebar of the blog, which we reserve for products/blogs/etc that we feel are beneficial to the Paleo community. If you are interested in advertising here, you may contact us at: PaleoPlateRaider at gmail dot com and we will happily have a look at your offer.

In each review, you are allowed one link back to your blog/website, for the purpose of crediting the writer, and allowing our readers to know a bit about your journey. These links are allowed to be unrelated to paleo (such as links to your porcelain snowman business on etsy, links to your dog training business, links to your blog about airport carpet, etc.). However, links believed to be spam in nature or seemingly without any personal connection to the writer, will not be added/will be removed. This choice will be at the discretion of Paleo Plate Raider. If you are concerned that your review was not added because your link did not appear personal enough, just send us an email explaining how the link relates to you personally, and we will consider adding it.

Restaurant owners.

Restaurant reviews by owners, staff members of the restaurant, family members, or close friends are not allowed. The reviews are to be honest encounters with the purpose of benefiting the Paleo community, and not to provide personal gain.

Restaurant owners may request for certain reviews to be removed if they feel the review is slanderous or trolling. However, the review will only be removed at the discretion of Paleo Plate Raider.

Take Responsibility.

Paleo Plate Raider is a community based blog, with submissions from the general public. Readers and content providers engage at their own risk and accept responsibility for their own actions, words, images, and choices.

Paleo Plate Raider will not be held responsible for choices made by individuals based on the information gathered from this website. The reader acknowledges that content may be out of date and must take responsibility for their own choices, whether or not these choices were guided by content on this website.

Paleo Plate Raider is not to be considered a source of nutritional advice, and should never take the place of your doctor’s advice. As a reader you are responsible for ensuring your own safety and health is managed between yourself and your doctor. Paleo Plate Raider does not take responsibility for your choices.

For more information please see our FAQ here


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