Mussel Inn – Golden Bay, New Zealand





This place was recommended to us by a friend (who knows we are paleo) and who used to live in the Nelson area. We went for lunch which was fun, but I could totally see this place really kicking off at night! Our visit didn’t allow for this (this time), but I definitely want to go back some time and see some live music and have a few drinks here.

The food was great too! I got the steamed mussels, which is hard to mess up, but they were still some of the best mussels I’ve had. My partner got the mussel chowder, which I had decided against because I assumed it would be a white creamy chowder and would probably have potatoes and flour in it, but it turned out to be a red chowder and so I think that it might be a good gluten free option (I would ask if you were concerned- we didn’t ask). Both dishes came with bread, which we just ignored.

My Mom got the vegetarian quiche (she’s trying out the paleo diet) and she said that the salad it came with was the best salad she’s had in New Zealand. It came with a lot of nuts and seeds on it, just incase you don’t really do well with them… Also, note that the quiche came with a crust which looked like it was potentially just a gluten free crust made of nuts, but we didn’t ask. We normally ask about all these things but we were pretty tired and just didn’t bother. My Mom just avoided the crust and ate the eggy center.

They also have composting toilets, a fire pit, a tire swing, and a lot of personality. We will be returning.

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